Our priorities

We are here to help imagine, enable, create and secure your future. We have worked with business leaders to prioritise four key areas that we see will be the most important focus in the next 12 to 24 months.

What are the challenges we love to solve for?

Business leaders face many challenges. Our role is to bring together the methods, solutions, partnerships and capabilities to assist our customers in the challenges before them. We have worked with business leaders and industry partners to prioritise our focus on four key areas that will be the most important in the next 12 to 24 months.

Artificial Intelligence

We have reached a tipping point for the adoption of artificial intelligence in business.

Businesses that are not ready or will be left behind as their competitors use the power of AI to accelerate growth, enhance customer experiences, minimise costs and ultimately gain a competitive edge.

The global AI market spend is expected to reach US$266 billion by 2027 from $87 billion in 2023, and in 2023, 97% of surveyed executives plan to increase their percentage of spending on AI-related initiatives.

With our chosen partners, Microsoft and Databricks, we are driving innovation and, through leadership to support our customers to plan, prepare and execute their AI strategy.

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Employee experience

Employee experience is as important as customer experience in the war on talent.

The war on talent is here. Businesses are realising that attracting and keeping employees and meeting the demand for wage growth is a challenge that can’t be met with traditional methods.

Smart businesses are looking to take the benefits of customer experience design and turn it around to build employee experiences that will relieve pressure on retention and will allow businesses to do more with less.

Companies with great employee experiences outperform the norm by 122% (Zio Market Research).

We have partnered with Zendesk, the world’s number-one platform for digital customer service, as rated by Gartner, to create a set of solutions and capabilities to accelerate the uplift of employee experiences.

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Customer experience

Customer experiences have become more customized, and customers are demanding control.

The benefits for businesses of customer experience are clear. CX drives longer customer relationships, greater revenue and greater business performance overall.

Businesses, however, a still grappling with how to deliver holistic and meaningful customer experiences through digital channels and how to implement a digital-first strategy without compromising human interactions. Good CX is no longer good enough.

Good CX means customers are 5x more likely to recommend a company and return in the future.

Our partnership with Zendesk, the world’s #1 platform for digital customer service, allows us to be at the forefront of capability for delivering amazing end-to-end customer experiences.

Our award-winning Design practice has also established a reputation for innovation with clever solutions and fit-for-purpose designs that can uplift the expression of any brand.

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Data-driven business

Data-driven businesses are winning, but businesses must also do the right thing with customer data.

Recent events in industry have only sought to highlight the importance of governance, collection and use of data as part of growing connection with Customers and Employees.

Correctly defining, obtaining, securing, integrating, migrating, visualising and actioning on data is of ever-growing importance to more and more organisations.

Our approach looks to start with why data is valuable and build robust and smart data solutions to continuously deliver that value, securely.

Data-driven businesses are 23x more to gain customers, 6x more likely to retain customers, and 19x more likely to be profitable.

We have partnered with Databricks, the world leading open-source platform for data management, unifying data, analytics and AI on one platform.

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