We are an award winning system integrator

We have curated a set of technology partners that leverage the skills, capabilities and certifications of our team and support the delivery of the innovative digital solutions.

Positive digital change is more than just clever technology

‘Next, next, finish’ is easy, but designing and building enterprise systems that truly transform is hard. We specialise in end-to-end application modernisation. We create digital products. We transform finance, sales, and customer service operations through enterprise ERP, CRM and Case management. We integrate data and reporting platforms. We design solutions that consider your existing technology landscape, business drivers, and customer experience.

Customer experience

Enhance customer engagement through seamless integration, innovative solutions, and personalized digital experiences.

Innovation velocity

Accelerate innovation through low-code tools, serverless cloud deployment and rapid apps, automation, and insight creation.

Operational efficiency

Unlock operational efficiency through streamlined workflow automation and AI-driven processes and connected data.

Business readiness

Reduce change impacts through cohesive user experiences, familiar designs and an integrated office workflow.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the cornerstone of the modern connected business with integrated CRM and ERP solutions for Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Field Service, Supply Chain and Finance. With AI seamlessly integrated across the suite, it supports enhanced decision-making and competitive advantage. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is our platform of choice for enterprise performance, employee experience and customer engagement.

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Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform is a low-code solution environment that enables rapid solution development across enterprise application development, process automation, data and reporting, virtual agents and customer portals. We utilise the Power Platform to drive process efficiency, cut costs, reduce risk and elevate employee experiences.

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Microsoft AI for business

Microsoft is enabling enhanced efficiency and improved employee experience with Copilot for business and AI-enabled PowerPlatform solutions. We’re utilising Co-Pilot, Azure Fabric and Databricks to deliver AI-driven insights to business, and AI-powered agents a realistic option for enhanced customer experiences.

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Microsoft Data + AI

Microsoft’s wide range of data solutions demonstrates data's pivotal role in enhancing business operations. With AI advancements and the continued emergence of Dataverse and Data Lakes/Lakehouse solutions, data complexities are now streamlined into Microsoft’s modern enterprise environment. We leverage Purview for data governance and Azure Data Factory, Functions and LogicApps for data integration ensuring readiness for AI-driven experiences and efficiencies.

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Enterprise Asset Management with Asset Vision

Asset Vision is an intelligent asset and maintenance management platform used by some of the largest asset owners, operators, and contractors in Australia and New Zealand. It can deal with complex asset classes and the way assets are inspected and maintained. We implement Asset Vision as part of our integrated Microsoft solution set to create a real ERP alternative to traditional solutions.

Strategic Portfolio Management with OnePlan

Our partnership with OnePlan brings over 15 years of project tooling experience with the best-in-class project and portfolio management platform to connect strategy to execution to allow businesses to adapt and thrive in a fast-moving environment. Learn more here.

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