Our partnership with OnePlan allows you to connect strategy to execution to adapt & thrive in a fast moving environment

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In partnership with OnePlan, we have smart solutions to deliver across all project and portfolio requirements. Our history in building high-performing and professional project and portfolio management operations gives us a unique perspective to delivering first-class project solutions such as OnePlan.

Connect business goals, strategy, OKRs, and results to adapt & thrive

Be the leader that has the ability to navigate change rapidly and with confidence using the OnePlan Strategic Portfolio Management Solution. Align work to objectives, business outcomes, and real-time performance. Make good choices on sequencing and resequencing your portfolio of work based on metrics of business value and key results.

Adopt and scale agile across your enterprise to achieve business agility

For the lean enterprise shifting from projects to products, OnePlan’s Agile Portfolio Management solution helps organizations scale and expand agile practices, improving time to market, quality, and productivity. While agile methods are growing at the small team or execution level, this solution benefits those organizations who understand the value of scaling agile across the enterprise.

Maintain visibility and decision-making while empowering teams to choose their way of working

For a PMO or EPMO with teams incorporating a mix of methodologies in play, for example, waterfall project management and agile management, the OnePlan Adaptive Portfolio Management Solution allows you to balance the different approaches. Enable different teams to use the execution approach and toolsets that best suit them while maintaining a layer of visibility and decision-making across all.

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