Strategic Portfolio Management with OnePlan

Our partnership with OnePlan brings over 15 years of project tooling experience with the best in class project and portfolio management platform to connect strategy to execution to allow businesses to adapt and thrive in a fast moving environment.

Best-in-class project and portfolio management platform

We have over 15 years of experience in delivering smart and pragmatic program and portfolio solutions, with our heritage beginning as one of Australia’s first specialised Project Management Office consultancies.

In our mission to support our customers to build the best delivery capability to support mature portfolio and program management, we have chosen to partner with OnePlan, a recognised industry leader and global winner of the Microsoft Project and Portfolio Management Partner award.

In partnership with OnePlan, we have developed a structured and methodical approach to delivering uplift across any organisation.

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Strategic portfolio management

OnePlan seamlessly bridges strategy and execution for organizations managing complex strategic portfolios. Leverage OKRs to enhance portfolio management, finances, and resource allocation, ensuring optimal returns on your investment. With OnePlan, you can monitor project delivery in real-time and adapt your portfolio as needed using our intuitive scenario planner.

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Project, Program and Portfolio Management

OnePlan provides an integrated framework for consistent management of Projects, Programs, and Portfolios. Access individual project details or view consolidated data for programs and portfolios with a single click.

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Resource Management

With OnePlan’s Resource Management module, you can effectively oversee both supply and demand planning. This module offers comprehensive resource planning, accommodating both specific and general resources. Facilitate resource agreements using the negotiation feature. Get a holistic view of all resource supply and demand, or narrow it down by resource type or organizational area.

Financial Management & Integration

Easily manage your project financials with our user-friendly finance module, a one-stop solution for budgets, forecasts, and actuals. Review consolidated program and portfolio financials at the touch of a button and customize financial line items as needed.

Seamlessly integrate your project financial data with your existing finance system to establish a single, authoritative source of truth that is available for Project and Portfolio Managers.