Employee experience

Employee experience is as important as customer experience in the war for talent. How are you prioritising Employee Experience in your organisation to enable a sustained and high-performing workplace?

Companies with great employee experiences outperform by


With 25% smaller workforces and 40% less employee turnover than their competitors (Forbes)


Businesses in all sectors are being challenged in attracting and keeping employees. This lack of access to talent, combined with wage growth pressure, is challenging the status quo and traditional methods for managing and sustaining high-performing workforces.

Smart businesses are looking to take the benefits of customer experience design and turn it around to build employee experiences that will relieve pressure on retention and will allow businesses to do more with less.

We have partnered with Zendesk to create a team combining award-winning experience design capability with the #1 platform for digital self-service and experience management.

Our partners

In partnership with Microsoft and Zendesk, we have smart solutions to deliver across all employee journeys. Our approach combines our award-winning experience design capability with best-of-breed technology to create a set of fit-for-purpose, high value and fast-to-implement solutions.

Three pillars of a great digital-first employee experience strategy



Create a human connection from the start. Connect people, not processes.



Remove the barriers that make finding and getting things done hard.



Provide an environment that allows your team to do great things.

A match made in employee experience heaven

In partnership with Zendesk, we have smart solutions to address employee uplift across virtually all business departments. Our approach combines award-winning experience design plus the world’s #1 platform for digital self-service to create a set of fit-for-purpose, high value and fast-to-implement solutions.

Finance & Accounts
HR & On-boarding
Expense Management
Facilities & Security
Information Technology
Payroll & Benefits

Finance operation uplift

The function of finance and procurement is critical to the health and efficiency of a business operation. Exco Partners was engaged to review and improve the procurement function within a large Victorian government department who were responsible for major road projects. The objective was to improve the procurements processes, uplifting non-conformance and approval times. Exco Partners were able to improve double the non-conformance and almost half the approval times.

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Our consulting services

Strategic Design
Applying design principles and practices to solve big picture systemic challenges in business and society. Crafting a framework for decision-making that is holistic and resilient.
Service Design / Journey Mapping
We take a structured and service-oriented approach to planning and organising people, infrastructure, communication, and materials to improve a business operations’ quality and customer interaction.
Business process automation
We provide process mapping, design and management services to optimise business processes, automate and simplify workflow and design for robotic process automation.
Reporting and Analytics
Identifying the data of value and designing the right reporting formats and support structures to delivery. Separately, interpreting that data effectively and providing insights for decisioning.
Data Analysis
Our dedicated Data practice is expert in analysing, modelling and understanding data, taking insight and learnings that can drive smarter and more efficient decision making for the benefit of employee experience.
Systems Integration
Our end-to-end capability provides a one-stop-shop for analysing, delivering and delivering employee experience solutions. Our key partnerships with Zendesk and Microsoft provide depth in our solution expertise.
We help organisations achieve greater agility through agile uplift, new and modern ways-of-working, tools and collaboration.
Change Management
While often the biggest challenge on any transformation program, the change management is often neglected. We believe that designing for the change is as important and designing the change itself.

Building a digital-first, employee experience strategy

We are an Australian Consulting and Digital Service company. We bring together a powerful of mix of experience, creativity and technology to engineer and transform a future that can deliver you business performance that is realistic, sustainable and has purpose.

At Exco Partners, we combine our countless years of experience with data, industry insight, creativity, and research to provide measurable, pragmatic, and actionable solutions for our customer’s unique needs.


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