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Employee experience is as important as customer experience in the war for talent. How are you prioritising Employee Experience in your organisation to enable a sustained and high-performing workplace?

Companies with great employee experience outperform by


Supporting your biggest assets

Businesses in all sectors are being challenged in attracting and keeping employees. This lack of access to talent, combined with wage growth pressure, is challenging the status quo and traditional methods for managing and sustaining high-performing workforces.

Smart businesses are looking to take the benefits of customer experience design and turn it around to build employee experiences that will relieve retention pressure and allow businesses to do more with less.

We have partnered with Zendesk to create a team combining award-winning experience design capability with the #1 platform for digital self-service and experience management.

Designed to deliver amazing results for you

Strategic Design

We provide strategic design services to help you align your business objectives with design thinking, using research, analysis, and synthesis to inform strategic decision-making.

Service Design

Designing services to help you create holistic and end-to-end service experiences, using a customer-centric approach to design and optimise service delivery, processes, and systems.

User Experience

Our user experience design team focus on creating intuitive, user-friendly digital products, using research, prototyping, and testing to deliver user-centred design solutions.

Visual/Web Design

Helping you create visually appealing digital products, including websites, applications, and marketing materials, using design principles, branding, and user experience design.

Customer Research

We use customer research to help you understand your customers’ needs, behaviours, and preferences, using qualitative and quantitative research methods to inform design and strategy decisions.

Employee Experience

Applying CX design principles to design employee experience to help you create a positive and engaging workplace culture, using research and design to optimise employee interactions, processes, and systems.

Process Analysis

Helping you optimise your business processes, using a structured approach to identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and areas for improvement, to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Artificial Intelligence

Turning your data into actionable insights and recommendations, using AI and advanced analytics techniques such as machine learning, data mining, and predictive modelling, to drive business growth and innovation.

Power Apps / Power Platform

Power Apps / Power Platform services to help you create custom business applications and automate workflows, using low-code/no-code tools to increase productivity and efficiency.

Agile Ways-of- working

Our agile ways-of-working services help you adopt agile methodologies and practices in practical and pragmatic ways that are fit-for-purpose and best aligned to your unique organisational needs.

Change Management

We help you manage the people side of change, including stakeholder engagement, communication planning, and training, to ensure successful adoption of new processes, technologies, and systems.

Digital Strategy

Our digital strategy services help you develop a roadmap for digital transformation, including defining a vision, identifying opportunities, evaluating technologies, and creating a plan for implementation that is feasible and viable.

Our technology partners

In partnership with Microsoft and Zendesk, we have smart solutions to deliver across all employee journeys. Our approach combines our award-winning experience design capability with best-of-breed technology to create a set of fit-for-purpose, high-value and fast-to-implement solutions.

What are the three pillars of a great digital-first employee experience strategy


Create a human connection from the start. Connect people, not processes.


Remove the barriers that make finding and getting things done hard.


Provide an environment that allows your team to do great things.

A match made in employee experience heaven

In partnership with Zendesk, we have smart solutions to address employee uplift across virtually all business departments. Our approach combines award-winning experience design plus the world’s #1 platform for digital self-service to create a set of fit-for-purpose, high value and fast-to-implement solutions.

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Building a digital-first, employee experience strategy

In today’s business landscape, employee experience
has become a crucial element of success. It refers to
the feelings, attitudes, and perceptions that employees
have about their work and their workplace. A positive
employee experience can have a wide range of benefts for
businesses. For example, employees who have a positive
experience are more likely to be engaged, motivated, and
productive, which can lead to increased effciency and