Data-driven business

Data-driven businesses are winning but more than ever, businesses are being measured on what they do with customer data

Data driven businesses are 19x more likely to be profitable


They are also 23x more likely to gain customers and 6x more likely to retain customers.

Recent events in the industry have only sought to highlight the importance of governance, collection and use of data as part of growing connection with Customers and Employees.

Correctly defining, obtaining, securing, integrating, migrating, visualising and actioning on data is of ever-growing importance to more and more organisations.

Our approach looks to start with why data is valuable and build robust and smart data solutions to deliver that value, securely and continuously.

Three pillars of great data-driven businesses



over opinions

Use evidence and data to guide your design to create opportunities for transformative thinking.



over siloed

Consider the whole problem space, through all stages of the customer life-cycle.



over technology

While technology will likely deliver the experience, it is the human connection that will make it stick.

Our partners

In partnership with Microsoft and Zendesk, we have smart solutions to deliver across all customer journeys and to connect customers to your enterprise platforms. Our approach combines our award-winning experience design capability with best-of-breed technology to create a set of fit-for-purpose, high value and fast-to-implement solutions.

Some technology we like to work with

Power BI
Dynamics 365

Automotive Data Strategy, Analytics & Insight

Exco Partners was engaged to implement a customer engagement initiative targeting an immersive and personalised online channel experience for a large international automotive parts organisation. Data analysis identified a propensity for members to purchase once for a specific need. The hypothesis was that harnessing all of the business’s vehicle data…

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Our consulting services

Data strategy
Applying design principles and practices to solve big picture systemic challenges in business and society. Crafting a framework for decision-making that is holistic and resilient.
Data integration
Exco Partners use a human-centred approach to problem-solving and design-thinking methods for innovation to define superior experiences and services.
Data security
We take a structured and service-oriented approach to planning and organising people, infrastructure, communication, and materials to improve a business operations’ quality and customer interaction.
Data warehousing
Using user research and testing, we design experiences, solutions, interfaces and prototype designs for digital products and services across the web, mobile and more.
Analytics and business intelligence
Exco Partners delivers visual, graphic and interaction design for web and mobile platforms and products. Our work includes the development of digital design systems, style-guide and digital assets frameworks.
Data lake-house
We provide end-to-end digital product development services from concept testing, research and prototype design to iterative development and product life-cycle management.
Data governance
We deliver analysis services from traditional and disciplined requirements gathering, analysis and definition workshop facilitation to lean and agile-based user story development.
Data migration
We provide process mapping, design and management services to optimise business processes, automate and simplify workflow and design for robotic process automation.

Building a digital-first, employee experience strategy

We are an Australian Consulting and Digital Service company. We bring together a powerful of mix of experience, creativity and technology to engineer and transform a future that can deliver you business performance that is realistic, sustainable and has purpose.

At Exco Partners, we combine our countless years of experience with data, industry insight, creativity, and research to provide measurable, pragmatic, and actionable solutions for our customer’s unique needs.


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