What we do, how we work

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Our delivery philosophy recognises our customer’s expectation on accountability, assurance of quality and timely delivery. It also recognises an expectation of flexibility and agility in how we go about what we deliver. We place our customer and our customer’s customer at the centre of everything we do.

We describe our delivery philosophy as follows:

People +

Value +

Accountable +

Engaging +

Design right recognises the importance of taking the time to understand the problem space, the human element and the technical considerations first.

Delivering value at speed recognises the important of delivering value early while balancing the need to avoid waste. Ironically the most common form of waste is starting too fast, that is ramping up a development team before the work is appropriately structured and prepared, thus burning valuable capacity.

Accountable agility addresses our customers expectation of being accountable for delivery while also understanding the need for flexibility and agility, catering for change and the emergence of new priority requirements as the project progresses.

Engaging and transparent refers to our values of openness, both for our own staff engagement and in our work with our customers. It also addresses the importance of communication to keeping stakeholders informed and importantly engaged.

Our methods

CoreMethods™ is our organisation’s proprietary methodology and our collective body of knowledge, experience and refined approach for delivering transformational change. The methodology is the client visible parts of our company’s quality management systems.

Our methods bring together a curated collection of best practice methods in project management, agile software delivery, design thinking, human-centred design, change management, leadership, business/technology architecture and business analysis and all tailored to support innovation, agility and flexibility while providing a pragmatic level of delivery governance and accountability.

Our CoreMethods™ portal is a website we have developed to allow us to collate, curate and communicate best practice, proven methods and intellectual property across our past and present engagements for the benefit of our future work.

Our CoreMethods™ will help jump start and accelerate the initiation and quality of the delivered output. This will include access to our template and library for design thinking methods and templates for service blueprints and architecture.