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We understand, engineer and manage the data that supports our client's strategy and operations. We specialise in Databricks. This enables organisations to delight their customers, make rapid decisions and improve business performance through integrated intelligence.

Data is important for businesses because it helps them make informed decisions and optimize their operations. By collecting and analyzing data, businesses can gain insights into their customers, markets, and internal processes, which can help them identify opportunities for growth and improvement.

For example, data can help businesses understand customer behavior, preferences, and needs, which can inform marketing and sales efforts. Data can also help businesses track and analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) such as revenue, profit, and efficiency, which can help them identify areas for optimization and improvement.

In addition, data can help businesses make more informed decisions about their operations, such as which products or services to offer, how to allocate resources, and how to improve processes. Data can also help businesses identify trends and patterns that can inform long-term strategic planning.

We believe that data must be planned well to be used well.  We believe it’s important to connect the purpose of the organisation with the processes, systems, reports and actions. The insight the data can provide to improve the quality of these interactions and the value of the decisions that derive from them.

Data-driven businesses are winning but must also do the right thing with customer data

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In partnership with Databricks and Microsoft, we have smart solutions to deliver across all customer journeys and to connect customers to your enterprise platforms. Our approach combines our award-winning experience design capability with best-of-breed technology to create a set of fit-for-purpose, high value and fast-to-implement solutions.

Some technology we like to work with:

Dynamics 365

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Automotive Data Strategy, Analytics & Insight

Exco Partners was engaged to implement a customer engagement initiative targeting an immersive and personalised online channel experience for a large international automotive parts organisation. Data analysis identified a propensity for members to purchase once for a specific need. The hypothesis was that harnessing all of the business’s vehicle data…

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