User experience and service design

We research, analyse and design clever experiences. Our award-winning design practice helps clients define and deliver their digital ambition by blending the best in cutting edge insight and design practices with traditional know-how and skills.

The purpose of Exco Partners, as an organisation, is to assist our customers in delivering smart, effective digital and transformative change. Our award winning design practice is uniquely positioned to connect transformative change from strategy to delivery execution.

Our design practice takes a human-centred design approach for problem-solving and an application of design-thinking to create human-oriented, innovative and transformative solutions. Our methods drive a human-centric design, build buy-in with stakeholders and force a pragmatic levelling of detail to keep people out of the weeds! It considers the holistic problem space, simplifying communication and encouraging evidence over opinion based design to avoid status-quo thinking.

Our methods combine the best of disciplined business analysis, process mapping and process re-engineering practices with modern design methods exploring customer experience, service designer and user experience design.

We see the enormous value that design thinking and a human-centred design approach can establish and define solutions. We create new and creative pathways to innovation and establish a connection with stakeholders that builds engagement, trust, and credibility.

Transformation happens here!

Our award-winning design team is passionate about human-centred design and solving complex problems in innovative ways. Our methods are holistic in scope, challenge status-quo thinking and build buy-in with stakeholders. We have designed these methods to foster truly transformative solutions and take the most significant advantage of the industry-leading capability of our technology partners.

We also see that a robust, disciplined, and thorough definition of scope and requirements is critically in large transformative change programs and an agile software delivery context. We know process design is still the backbone of delivering business outcomes, be it targeting scale and volume or delivering on a promise of quality and consistency. Process design, process simplification and process automation are crucial to business operations. When designed with a human-centred lens, the opportunity to unlock competitive advantage is within grasp for all organisations. 

It is a commonplace for designers and business analyst roles to be separated by strict lines of demarcation in a business and project delivery context. We believe there is enormous value in breaking down these barriers, working across the disciplines, learning from each other, and building on these cross-functional skills to solve business challenges. Breaking down barriers is what we have done with our experience + design practice.

How we can help you?

Strategic Design
Applying design principles and practices to solve big picture systemic challenges in business and society. Crafting a framework for decision-making that is holistic and resilient.
Customer Experience
Exco Partners use a human-centred approach to problem-solving and design-thinking methods for innovation to define superior experiences and services.
Service Design
We take a structured and service-oriented approach to planning and organising people, infrastructure, communication, and materials to improve a business operations’ quality and customer interaction.
User Experience
Using user research and testing, we design experiences, solutions, interfaces and prototype designs for digital products and services across the web, mobile and more.
Visual / Web Design
Exco Partners delivers visual, graphic and interaction design for web and mobile platforms and products. Our work includes the development of digital design systems, style-guide and digital assets frameworks.
Digital Product
We provide end-to-end digital product development services from concept testing, research and prototype design to iterative development and product life-cycle management.
Business Analysis
We deliver analysis services from traditional and disciplined requirements gathering, analysis and definition workshop facilitation to lean and agile-based user story development.
Process Analysis
We provide process mapping, design and management services to optimise business processes, automate and simplify workflow and design for robotic process automation.

Good CX means customers are 5x more likely to recommend a company and return in the future


Customer Experience is our priority too

The benefits for businesses of customer experience are clear. CX drives longer customer relationships, more significant revenue and greater business performance overall.

Businesses, however, are still grappling with how to deliver holistic and meaningful customer experiences through digital channels and how to implement a digital-first strategy without compromising human interactions. Good CX is no longer good enough.

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Amazing digital experiences with Dynamics CRM

Bridging the enterprise-grade performance of Dynamics CRM with an amazing React-based user experience, we unlocked better ways to reach and engage with school communities and develop new ways to interact with these groups to support long-term and sustainable benefits.

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10 tips on how to deliver an engaging remote workshop

The glorious years that were 2020 and 2021 caused us to rethink a lot of things, most notably for me, how we interact and work with colleagues in the workplace. I thought it was an opportune time to share some tips on what I have learned over this time in running co-design workshops and meetings remotely, which continues to be important as we work in a mixed mode of working.


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