PMO Implementation

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Effective Portfolio, Program and Project Offices provide significant benefits through leadership, clarity, focus and alignment. Good ones will increase efficiency, deter missteps and support the organisation to deliver change in a calm and fit for purpose manner. They will also enable a balance of stability and adaptability consistent with the organisation’s way of working and market environment.

Strong offices are able to provide support and add value in environments that leverage traditional and contemporary delivery practices and play a key role in helping organisations transform they way they work. We are observing more organisations that are employing multiple modes of delivery and relying more heavily on the enterprise office to assist in the alignment of the modes.  

Exco Partners are experts in Portfolio, Program and Project Offices and have been helping organisations to define and uplift offices for over fourteen years. We define and implement flexible offices that align to an organisation’s current and intended way of working. Our models balance support and assurance to provide confidence, transparency and visibility of future forecasts.     

Our team have a depth of experience across a range of offices from enterprise portfolio offices to concentrated large project offices. We leverage our breadth of existing models, best practice and intellectual property that has been refined over the past fourteen years. Our team brings a robust methodology for not only defining a fit for purpose office framework, but also managing organisational change to enable uplifting capability and embedding new ways of working.

A change in office framework and approach often leads to a need for change in the project management system (PPM) technology. We are also skilled in the leadership, management and delivery of the PPM technology implementation. As an example of our work, we assisted a new strategically important and fast moving, Government entity with the design and definition of their Program Office and delivery framework. The implemented model immediately helped the organisation to deliver the initial set of pilot projects and identify opportunities to adapt and adjust the delivery model and requisite legislative powers.