Business Intelligence for Wage Inspectorate Victoria

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Wage Inspectorate Victoria (WIV), a Statutory Authority, is dedicated to creating productive and prosperous workplaces in Victoria, ensuring fair conditions for workers and a level playing field for businesses. Achieving this vision requires effective oversight across various operations, presenting challenges in accessing operational and case management data. WIV needed a comprehensive and integrated Business Intelligence (BI) solution to address these challenges, encompassing enhanced reporting capabilities and a scalable platform for data hosting and supply. In collaboration with Exco Partners, WIV embarked on an implementation journey utilizing Azure Data Platform to meet their existing and emerging requirements. 

Our Approach: Insight to Action 

To ensure the successful implementation of the Business Intelligence solution, our project followed our Insight-to-action approach, encompassing the following key steps: 

Discovery: Exco Partners conducted service workshops to thoroughly understand WIV’s daily operations, applications, data capture methods, existing reporting mechanisms, and other necessary information. These workshops involved engaging stakeholders and subject matter experts in discussions to identify specific insights and actions required. To establish a common understanding and align expectations, mock-ups were developed to visualize and validate potential dashboards with stakeholders, reducing testing iterations and improving project efficiency. 

Design: Considering factors such as available technology options, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and end-user skills, Exco Partners provided recommendations for the platform hosting WIV’s BI use-case. Several solution design options were presented, showcasing potential approaches to address WIV’s requirements. Ultimately, Azure blob storage was chosen as the primary data collection mechanism, enabling seamless data processing and storage through the orchestration capabilities of Azure Data Factory. 

Process: Since operational data was not readily accessible, Exco Partners collaborated with a third-party entity to obtain the necessary data and data dictionary. Data ingestion logic was developed to transfer the acquired data onto Azure blob storage, enabling efficient movement from the source to a centralized location for further processing. 

Transform: A dataflow was created to transform and persist the ingested data into a Data Warehouse. This critical step involved comprehensive data cleansing, formatting, and structuring to ensure data consistency and accuracy, thereby laying a solid foundation for reliable analysis. 

Visualise: Using Power BI, Exco Partners developed reports aligned with the previously developed mock-ups. These reports provided comprehensive insights into wage theft, long service leave, child employment, and other relevant entities, surpassing standard reporting capabilities. The aim was to empower the WIV team with actionable insights that would facilitate informed decision-making. 


The successful implementation of the Case Management BI Solution by Exco Partners brought several advantages to WIV: 

  • Platform and Data Accessibility: WIV now has a platform that provides easy access to operational data, offering greater flexibility in answering ongoing business questions. The improved accessibility and availability of data contribute to enhanced decision-making capabilities and enable the exploration of new insights. 
  • Data Quality Improvement: Throughout the project, Exco Partners identified areas of poor data quality and provided insights into data that needed improvement. Analysts at WIV will benefit from the newly established data model and data dictionary, enabling them to conduct future analyses with higher data quality standards. 
  • Actionable Insights: The BI solution, including the developed reports and dashboards, delivers actionable insights to the WIV team. By going beyond standard reports, these visualizations empower the team to gain deeper understanding of wage theft, long service leave, child employment, and other critical entities. This enhanced insight directly contributes to more informed and effective decision-making. 


Through the implementation of Azure Data Platform and a comprehensive BI solution, Wage Inspectorate Victoria successfully overcame challenges related to data accessibility and reporting capabilities. The collaborative effort between WIV and Exco Partners resulted in creating a scalable data platform and actionable insights.