Our back story

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We are an Australian Management Consulting firm bringing together capability and expertise across the digital and transformation supply chain. We have built a business to focus on delivering transformational change by addressing business opportunities in customer, employee, and business performance alignment.

Our heritage brings together the capability of one of Melbourne’s most respected, specialised consulting services firms – Core consulting group.

Since 2006, Core has set-up, run, managed, reviewed, enhanced and/or changed over 200 PMO’s at various organisational levels. They have experienced first hand the emerging ways-of-working movement. They have some serious experience and interesting case studies across a number of industry sectors.

The Core team is ideally placed to participate in the emerging business agility space – tackling the blurring of capability lines, the challenges of bi-modal delivery and all that goes with it. We are excited to build on this platform.

Adjacent to our business agility practice is Transformation and Change. We are able to leverage deep experience and expertise in the design and implementation of finance transformation, digital strategy, organisational change, operating model design, and sales & marketing transformation. This breadth of experience across a range of industries is leveraged on most of our engagements.

While we unapologetically focus on improving business performance, we have developed a mature Data and Technology practice that is designed to enable and embed the change associated with our delivery. This includes significant architecture (enterprise and solution) capability and a strong track record of integration/API strategy, development and capability uplift.

Experience and service design is next. We are not a design agency. We have developed a fit for purpose practice offering that leverages traditional, robust and well-proven methods (think Business Analysis and Process analysis) with and human-centred design and customer experience principles. This definition works well as part of our broader delivery model.

We consider ourselves boutique. We see ourselves as pragmatic. We have a number of our Partners who have established, built, run and in some cases sold both services and products businesses. We think this experience and service architecture makes us different.

Working with us – what’s it like?

We are values-driven.

As a management consulting firm, our purpose is to help our clients achieve their stated objectives (this is a shared ambition of most consulting organisations). With this in mind, our team is a critical element of any engagement delivery. Our team are aligned and committed to a set of values that informs our decision making, our ways of working and describes our culture. It also provides an insight into working with us.

Our people contribute strongly to our continuous improvement agenda. We constantly seek new ways to innovate and improve our ways of working our knowledge and expertise. This is what helps us attract and retain the talented team we’ve assembled.

We are team first.

We are trying, very hard in fact, to create a culture that nurtures and encourages innovation and initiative. This can only occur where our team feels engaged, valued, and confident. Our consulting team has been organised to ensure a supportive, collaborative consultant experience. On commencements with Exco Partners, each new consultant is provided with a clear position description and reporting line – We ensure everyone knows their fellow team members and their direct line manager. While on a client site, a consultant is also supported by a site lead accountable for our delivery within the client account. This ensures everyone has a sense of place and feels supported by the team regardless of the client engagement. We promote regular team interaction – We constantly support working groups and communities of interest to facilitate knowledge sharing and learning across the team. We’ve found this a great way to refine our delivery methods, create new relationships amongst the team, and promote collaboration.

We have a social conscious.

We have embraced social procurement principles and incorporated social outcomes into our ways of working. We do this because we want to. We do this because it is the right thing to do.

We have formally incorporated family violence leave under our employment conditions. Our employment contracts align with the National Employment Standards (NES) but now formally recognise this provision of additional leave.

We have identified and acknowledge the gender gap within our industry and have developed internal targets to address the gender split of our team.  We include this reporting to our team during our company updates and have formally included this in our board.

We have further bought into the Victorian Government’s social procurement objectives and have specifically targeted our own supply chain. We have categorised our annual spend and identified a number of expense categories that have social enterprise supply options. We have implemented the “+1” strategy to ensure we request a quotation from a social enterprise for these expensive items. We are mindful of the social trader and kinaway supplier lists and continue to refine the list of suppliers in our supply chain to maximise this social benefit.

We are also proud to be partnering with Roar energy (roarenergy.com) to tackle “opportunities for disadvantaged Victorians” (specifical workers in transition). We have noticed an increasing trend towards unnecessarily specific engagement brief’s within the consulting industry, the result being a significant amount of talent in the industry is “benched” with limited employment opportunities commensurate with their skills, knowledge, experience and expertise. We are excited about this partnership.