Exco Partners helps Repco take data to market faster in an award-winning way

Feature image for Exco Partners helps Repco take data to market faster in an award-winning way

We at Exco Partners were excited for our client Repco (part of GPC Asia Pacific) to win a deserved award for “Most Innovative E-Commerce Solution” at the recent Australian Auto Aftermarket Awards.  The team delivered an excellent result for their clients and their business team members.  It was a solution that spanned 3rd party data providers as well as linking many internal systems together in a completely modularised, API-led solution.  This solution allows their consumers to build rich experiences for their customers and providers Repco the ability to provide stunning service delivery that is integrated into their expansive store network.

The most exciting element of this award for us is that we lived our Values of Innovation + Collaboration + Accountability through our Data + Technology team which executed the Solution Architecture. We conceptualised the solution, working deeply with key business stakeholders to take the solution to its edge and then designed each APIs for a particular part of the data journey. This ensured the results were captured in a way that allowed for reporting and analytics outcomes that facilitate demand planning.

The team at Repco then executed the design with oversight and direction from Exco Partners who were involved every step of the way to make sure the business got the result it was after.

For that result to be recognised as industry-leading and innovative, well – we weren’t surprised but it’s still exciting!