3 things to know – Project for the Web

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If you have started looking at Project for the Web as Microsoft’s latest Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) Toolset and have found yourself confused, you are not alone! We are currently fielding lots of questions and there is a huge amount of chatter online. We thought we would share 3 questions that we most are most commonly asked.  

Question 1: Does Project for the Web integrate with Project Desktop? 

The answer here is no. Whilst Project for the Web does allow importing from a Microsoft Project Professional /Project Desktop (MPP) file, it is a once off import and doesn’t support ongoing synchronisation.  

If you would like the integration feature (as many of us do!), then you can vote for Microsoft to prioritise it in their future feature enhancements.  

Question 2: How do I navigate to Project for the Web?  

If you have ever used Project Online, you would be familiar with the Project app that shows up in the Office 365 app launcher: 

How many of you tried clicking that app to get to Project for the Web? It does not take you there! That link actually takes you to the Project Home, which is a great way for seeing all Projects you are involved in. It does not matter whether they are Project for the Web Projects, or Project Online Projects. More information about this here.  

Steps to navigate to Project for the web:  

Once you have done this, it is best to save the page as a favourite in your browser for easy access in the future.  

Question 3: Is Project for the Web just schedule 

The answer to this is yes and no. Whilst the out of the box Project for the Web looks skinny and focussed on the scheduling engine, Microsoft have configured tables and views in the background! (Projects, Programs, Project Request, Risks, Issues, Changes, Status Comments, just to name a few). To make them visible (plus get more functionality), Microsoft have released a Project Accelerator which helps set up the User Interface with access to these features. You can read about the Project Accelerator here.  

Want to know more about how you can fast track Project for the Web with Microsoft’s Project Accelerator?  

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