Exco Partners acquires Core Consulting Group

Feature image for Exco Partners acquires Core Consulting Group

We are excited to announce that Core Consulting Group (CCG)  has formally joined the Exco Partners family.

Since 2006, CCG has worked to mobilise, operate, manage, enhance and transform countless Project Management capabilities and Project Offices in organisations of all shapes and sizes. They have experienced first hand the emerging ways-of-working movement driving business agility and challenging traditional notions of the PMO. They have had to innovate with tools and technology to provide portfolio visibility. The CCG team are ideally placed to participate in the emerging business agility space – tackling the blurring of capability lines, the challenges of bi-modal delivery and all that goes with it. 

CCG has rapidly gained a reputation as thought-leaders, helping customers build their project, program and portfolio management capability through pragmatic, best-practice improvements as well as hands-on support and innovation.

They have helped their customers improve productivity, agility and success through our advisory services and by promoting better ways of working. For customers who run conventional portfolios, the focus has been on the strategic plan and delivering strategic project and program outcomes within the constraints of the investment decision.

More recent years they have helped customers pursue Business Agility by leveraging Lean Portfolio Management, contemporary funding and governance models, Scaled Agile Delivery practices and New Ways of Working.

As part of the Exco Partners family, the CCG practices will continue to evolve to support those looking for flexibility in how they deliver change to their customers and within their organisation.

With Exco Partners as a purpose-built collective of capability partners focussed on the business challenges caused by digitalisation and the alignment of the customer, employee, and business performance, CCG forms a cornerstone in our capability and ability to deliver exceptional results for our customers.  

We have set out to be specific and accountable for the outcomes we provide. Commit to services, true to our customer promise and known for delivering something of value. CCG fits perfectly with this vision and our values.

In addition to this business agility thinking, we have assembled significant capability in Transformation and Change that has been refined and led by our Managing Partners and now able to be fully realised with the skill and expertise of CCG.