Is the Agile button not showing in MS Project?

Do you use the Agile Features in MS Project? Is the Agile button you are looking for not showing in your version of MS Project? You might be on the newer version of MS Project. Be calm! All the functionality is still there, and we will tell you how to find where things are.

The Old & The New (User Experience)

If you haven’t already noticed, Microsoft has changed the buttons in MS Project that provide access to the Agile features of the product. However, all pre-existing functionality still exists. This is simply a cosmetic change that includes the following:

  • All references to “Kanban” have been replaced with “Task Board”.
  • The “Kanban” project template and “Scrum Project” template have been merged into the “Sprints Project” template.
  • The “Agile” button has been removed, with the “Scrum Project” option replaced with “Manage Sprints”, and the “Kanban” option replaced with the “Task Board”.

Microsoft have been very busy on Project Online and as a result, product releases are coming quicker and quicker. It can be hard to keep up. This means lots of information you find from a Google Search could easily be out of date (including this article in months to come). The other day, one of our clients ran into this very problem, when the top results of their online research led to articles about the old look and feel.

Key Takeaway

CCG recommends that organisations verify the recency of any information they find online, and always check the product release notes (you can find Office365 updates here, depending on your product release cycle channel).
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