What could be improved about the latest Jira View?

Atlassian’s JIRA have released a new update in August focused mainly on the new JIRA issue view. For those not aware of this update, click here for more details. The update focuses a lot on the UI design and the ability to open a new issue from any of the following places:

  • Boards
  • Backlogs
  • Search
  • Issues List

Now we all know how annoying it could be at times having to reselect the JIRA icon before being able to search for an issue. It makes for a poor user experience when you’re in a meeting and struggle to access the issue list. So, with this mind, kudos to Atlassian for releasing this update.

However, one thing we have noticed with clients is they need the ability to filter charts. How cool would it be if you could filter your burndown chart to a component level? Or if you could visually see the progressive decrease in a bar chart.

Yes, there are ways around it through purchasing plugins, but we also have workarounds using simple configuration. We found using boards wisely can cater to customers unwilling to purchase plugins. It is a simple method and has been useful to clients to filter many progress charts for reports/dashboards.

Therefore, if you are ever looking for a way to filter a burndown chart, then look into investing some time into tweaking JIRA boards. We are happy to help if you want to know more. In the meantime, make sure you vote to have this feature in upcoming versions.