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Building digital and innovative products is a passion of love for us at Exco Partners. Tinkering, designing, exploring new ideas and building stuff is something we do for fun. We are an entrepreneurial and curious bunch and have a passion for thinking outside the box to build unique solutions to problems of all sizes. From large scale enterprise-grade solution integration to small targeted point solutions like mobile products and websites, our approach is finely tuned to deliver robust and reliable solutions.

Our approach to digital product design and development is firmly rooted in design thinking principles, experience design, and agile software development. We initiate our engagements with a targeted discovery, designed to fundamentally understand the perspective of the people, to understand their needs, to define a solution that is truly effective in meeting their needs and great user experiences.

We had honed our discovery approach to bring together skills across design thinking, service/process design, visual design, software engineering, project management to establish a foundation for successful digital product project delivery. We have learned that the power of bringing these often separate disciplined together in a unified way, separates us from the theorists to the people that get stuff done.

As an example of our work, Exco Partners has developed an online product specifically targeting the challenges businesses face in managing talent and understanding the skills within the organisation.

The digital product, TalentedTeam ( is a tool designed to index an organisation’s talent, skills, experience and education such that an organisation can map and understand the capability-based competitive advantage or to explore the domains where an organisation needs development. It also allows provides a capability for knowledge sharing and the ability to search for particular skills and experts within the organisation.

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Ben Laughlin
Managing Partner
Ben is an accomplished executive leader with over 20 years of experience delivering across product, sales, operations and customer experience through the execution of large scale digital and transformative change programmes. Experienced in working with and consulting to CEO and executive-level roles, Ben is respected by his peers and colleagues and has a reputation for his clear vision, leadership, pragmatism and an ability to deliver. He has a hands-on, disciplined and pragmatic approach to leadership with a strong technical background and thorough understanding of managing business change, software delivery and business operations. Complimenting these skills is a solid customer focus and business acumen gained through an MBA education and experience in business management, sales, business development and various startup ventures that he has founded or provided strategic guidance to. This experience has enabled Ben to contribute significantly to the success of the businesses he has worked with at both a business strategy and technology level.