Designing for change

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For an organisation to be able to deliver transformational change, thorough careful consideration and preparation are needed in the design of the change program itself. It is not enough to simply pick a delivery methodology and a technology platform. A successful and truly transformative change program needs as much consideration into the how as the what. Yet the how it is often overlooked or neglected with leaders simple stating “we will be using agileā€ or creating an org chart and assuming everyone will just work it out.

We believe the three important design steps for planning a change are the people design, the information design and the interaction design.

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Ben Laughlin
Managing Partner
Ben is an accomplished executive leader with over 20 years of experience delivering across product, sales, operations and customer experience through the execution of large scale digital and transformative change programmes. Experienced in working with and consulting to CEO and executive-level roles, Ben is respected by his peers and colleagues and has a reputation for his clear vision, leadership, pragmatism and an ability to deliver. He has a hands-on, disciplined and pragmatic approach to leadership with a strong technical background and thorough understanding of managing business change, software delivery and business operations. Complimenting these skills is a solid customer focus and business acumen gained through an MBA education and experience in business management, sales, business development and various startup ventures that he has founded or provided strategic guidance to. This experience has enabled Ben to contribute significantly to the success of the businesses he has worked with at both a business strategy and technology level.