Designing and Testing Services

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If you are a mad-hatter service designer, a guru of customer experience or just a punter wanting to test out a new way to serve your customers, you have likely scratched your head with how to test your new idea before committing too much time and energy in making it a ready thing.

Sure you can send our a survey to your customers to get some valuable insight, but that boring right; for you and your customers! A survey can also send you down the wrong path as people will often ‘act’ differently in real life than what they might describe in a survey answer.

Why not create something fun for your customers to help you test out your services and experiences. A choose your own adventure, if you will, where your customers can click through some real life scenarios, choosing the paths they would like to take.

Want to find out more? Send us a message and we can discuss the success our customers are having using a choose your own adventure style scenario testing of their services.