New Method of connecting the Jira Power BI Content Pack

As of June 2019, there is a new method of connecting the Jira Power BI Content Pack. Prior to that, you could connect to Jira using the Power BI Service content pack in Power BI Service or download the .pbix version to use in Power BI Desktop. Both are great, and only required you to enter your username and password. However, as Atlassian announced here, you can’t use the password approach anymore. So, what is the new method of connecting the Jira Power BI Content Pack? There are some articles and Power BI forum posts that explain how to do it, but we thought we would explain the steps in a way a non-technical person would be able to understand.

Step 1: Generate an API Token

You need an API token for the account you will be using to connect the Jira Power BI Content Pack. You can manage all your API tokens here:
Click on “Create API Token”, then give your API a meaningful name (you might have multiple tokens in the future).
Jira Content Pack - Create API Token
IMPORTANT: After clicking “Create”, it will give you one chance to save your API token. Save it in a secure spot! If you lose your API Token then you will have to create a new one.
Jira Content Pack - Copy API Token

Step 2: Add the API Token to the Jira Power BI Content Pack

The next step is exactly the same as connecting to the Jira Power BI Content Pack normally. This time, in the Data Source credentials, you use your email address as your username, and the new API Token as your password (instead of using your password as you normally would).
Jira Content Pack - Credentials


This new method has been around and discussed for a couple of months already. We were initially quite shocked to find that the great Power BI reports and dashboards we built for Jira stopped refreshing data one day, but quickly solved it. We were surprised at how hard it was to find a step-by-step guide on it for the non-technical / citizen Power BI developers, so we hope this post helps. Check out our Jira services page if you want to know how else we could assist you.